Candy Boxes

Candy Boxes

The candy boxes material is Melamine, combines the advantages of ceramic and plastic,
is international new tableware, shatter-resistant, corrosion resistance,
withstand high and low temperatures, easy to clean.

Melamine candy boxes safety.

Our all gift candy boxes use food-grade melamine material, after strict quality inspection,
passed the SGS, FDA testing, green non-toxic tasteless, safe to use.
Common gift candy boxes on the market using regular poor quality plastic, matt dull,
a great threat to health. Some custom candy boxes with wooden material, not only
not easy to clean, but also moldy, easy to rot, moth-eaten.

Candy boxes particulars

The cover surface finished with classic printing technics, an excellent grinding process
to achieve a smooth, glossy, beautiful design patterns. Internal use of separate design (4 grid -5 grid),
put, take more flexible and convenient. We have three models of the melamine candy boxes:
Heart candy boxes, circular and pentagon candy boxes design, to add a variety of colors to your life.

Durable candy boxes character

Impact resistance is not easy to break, free fall from height is not prone to broken,
cracking phenomenon, high surface hardness.

We not only do products but also hope that the beautiful design into your life!

Gift Candy Boxes

Beautiful appearance gift candy boxes, easy to clean, convenient to use.
Can be used to hold all kinds of snacks, chocolate, sweets, nuts, etc.
It's a good choice for home!

Heart Candy Boxes

It's very creative and unusual of the model heart candy boxes.
You can install a variety of things, Jerry,
raisins.. can be used as a storage box, but also a particular furnishing.

Custom Candy Boxes

The custom candy boxes used high-grade environmental and safety melamine materials, and it's non-toxic healthy. All of our products made of the best craft.


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