Build Your Own Dinnerware Set

How to build your own dinnerware set? Whether you want to create the promotional purpose? Our melamine dinnerware,
bamboo tableware is very suitable for home utensils. You should simply know how to make your own dinner set.

Usually for the family daily use. Melamine material is totally enough. However, if you have kids or toddler at
home. We suggest that choice the bamboo & melamine tableware, it’s biodegradable, eco-friendly and safety utensils.
It will not take any harm to your children’s health.

If you’re wholesale or buyer, how to book this melamine tableware? Firstly, Please show me the product pattern,
like Melamine Platter, melamine plates and bowls, melamine tray, etc. Secondly, If you want to print something on the products,
please provide the related design with us, or you could check our stock design. We have thousands of various elegant printing.
Thirdly, after all the above works, we will start to make these melamine or bamboo tableware. More details refer to the below.

build your own dinnerware set

Kids’ Tableware That Will Make It A Good Time

But what if the best set of kids dinnerware wasn’t even expensive? What if sometimes it only needed to look kiddish and a little bit silly yet very durable? Well, you see, when we have kids, we often design mealtime to be a fun time. Wait, can you remember that silly “cat and rat” story we often hear/tell around the dinner table? What about the funny memories (sometimes false) that we parents tell just to make the dinner lively? … That’s what I am talking about. A typical parent would often strive to spice their kid’s dinner with something nice and catchy to make the meals appetizing and enjoyable for the kids.

Sometimes, upgrading your kitchen to accommodate new kids melamine plates, bowls, and other kids tableware could be one of the best ways to achieve the goal of making a kid’s dinner more enjoyable. In this fascinating edition, we will explore a number of available options that one can opt for when purchasing children’s dinnerware.

Kids dinnerware sets infographic

The Best Kid’s Bamboo Dinnerware Sets …let’s tell a story

Now, just as had been explored before, we are looking for a story to tell our kids at dinner time. That is why an ideal kids’ bamboo tableware dinner set has got to tell a story from the cutlery design. This “story” can be some giraffe drawings, some kid cartoons or even awesomely crafted alphabet letters. This is because kids are often keen on fine details on the crockery. So, if your kid loves cartoons, it could be great to have his/her plates and bowls reflect a little spicing of Tom & Jerry, King Julian or just any shiny cartoon that fits his/her favorite story.

When kids become old enough to learn, it could be great to subtly change the story and introduce a spicing of classwork during mealtime. Honestly, which better way could we achieve that if we could not engrave a few alphabets artistically onto his/her favorite bowl or cup? You see? That is why you might opt to get a new set of melamine dinner sets for your kid that is punctuated with a few numbers and alphabets.
It may look silly to a grown up, but junior will definitely love it. You’ve got to try it to believe it.

Lastly, melamine utensils have built a reputation for durability over the years. Nobody loves the task of having to replace broken tableware over and over again. But with the playful nature of kids, accidents could sometimes be inevitable. So, instead of working on ways to stop the playful nature, you could as well think of ways to live with it by adopting a more durable dinner set. Here is where melamine and bamboo crockery loom out large. Most melamine dishes and bowls are light enough to be carried by kids and are durable enough to sustain accidents(as most kids do). My personal favorites are the awesome bamboo fiber bowls for kids and the melamine divided plates for toddlers that are often adorable and kid-friendly. Melamine isn’t just durable, it is also affordable and full of kid spicing. Perhaps, this is the main reason you might opt to get one soon.

Vajillas de melamina para restaurantes y casas

¿No te pasa que vas a tu cocina, con hambre, pensando en qué comer, pero se te quitan las ganas de comer tras  ver a tus deprimentes platos blancos y viejos? ¿No te pasa que estás cansado de siempre el mismo color blanco,  ya agrietado de tanto usarlo? ¿No te pasa que quieres algo nuevo, algo refrescante, algo colorido, algo vivo?

Pues a mí sí, y tras mucho buscar, gracias a los platos de melamina y a sus hermosos diseños, ya no me ocurre.

Los platos de melamina vienen en distintos tamaños y formas, siendo perfectos para cualquier clase de ocasión
-¡hasta para decorar!

Con sus precios solidarios, platos resistentes y diseños tanto coloridos como variados, las bandeja melamina son la mejor opción para tí. Ya sea para comerte un snack de media tarde, recalentar esa pizza de anoche,  servir un plato gourmet un tazón de sopa, unas papitas o, simplemente, hacer que tu mesa se vea fantástica,  los platos de melamina son lo mejor que puedes encontrar.

vajillas de melamina para restaurantes

Lo mejor de todo es que no hace falta hacer ligues de colores extraños, así como tampoco hace falta sufrir  para conseguir un plato o una taza que sea igual a los que ya tienes, pues puedes conjunto – tan solo basta  con comprar uno de sus hermosos sets de doce o hasta veinte piezas, los cuales traen:

  • Tazas: si eres amante del café, del té o del chocolate caliente, no te puedes perder esas hermosas tazas  cuyos diseños son tan hermosos que provoca dejar esas bonitas tazas como exhibición para tus visitas.
  • Platos de desayuno y almuerzo: ¿vienen tus amigos o familiares y quieres impresionarlos con una  comida gourmet y un set de vajillas simplemente hermoso? Pues ésta es tu opción, ya sea para desayunar  o para almorzar, puedes servirles la mejor comida en los platos más hermosos.
  • Tazones para sopa: si eres un amante de la sopa, éstos tazones te encantarán; son bonitos y profundos,  además de perfectos para conservar el calor de tu sopa – es decir: ¡son simplemente ideales para tomarte  un buen tazón de tu sopa favorita!
  • Boles: llega la noche, después de un cansado día de trabajo, y quieres relajarte viendo tu serie o  película favorita. ¿Qué mejor para acompañar ese momento de relajación que esas papitas,  popcorn o cualquier chuchería que quieras? Y claro, si a eso le sumas un hermoso bol de melamina,  ¡pues es tres veces mejor!

Sin duda alguna, los platos de melamina son la mejor opción, ya sea a la hora de querer comer o a la hora de  querer decorar.
Son buenos – no se rompen ni se agrietan fácilmente, bonitos – los puedes encontrar con  una gran variedad de diseños para escoger,
y baratos – gracias a su material.  Además, ¡los puedes encontrar fácilmente en tu tienda favorita!

How To Make Custom Melamine Plates

Do you know how to make custom melamine dinnerware? In below, we will detail explain every works procedure:

1.Match with product weight procedure:

Each melamine dinnerware has a prescribed weight, so it should be weighed according to the specified weight.  Melamine utensil is made from melamine resin and requires raw materials to be built the shape.

2.Warm-up procedure:

When we finish the above process, then put the melamine power or bamboo fibre into the product mould.  We have thousands of different product mould in the warehouse for satisfied with many customer demands.  After heating by the machine, the product shape and appearance will come up.

Melamine product mould

3.Decal program:

The decal (PVC material) will be affixed to the moulded tableware. After pasting the excellent decal to  start the mechanical printing program. The product can be sprinkled with the light powder and  will have the same gloss as the porcelain. In step, with colourful and beautiful melamine dinnerware is finished.

Melamine samples

4. Polishing procedure:

After the melamine tray produced, it must be grinding and polishing, because the product has burrs,  which is not conducive to the use of people’s lives, and it is easy to cause damage to people’s hands and mouth; therefore, it’s more critical procedure.  Which it can make the product look more beautiful and the edges more smooth.  Usually, we will make the twice works to ensure the product safety.

5. Quality checking.

The product will be passed various strict control checks, singled out defective products,  then pack it to the five corrugated master carton.

Your Nice Partner In Kitchen

The tableware is an essential component for the service of our table, since it that allows us to move, serve and ingest the food. Thus, if we want it to fulfil its role correctly, it must be made with the best materials so that it does not affect the quality and dedication that we have put into food.

There are many materials, but one stands out for its durability, beauty and ease of production: melamine. Melamine is a chemical compound that, when combined with other agents, produces a very resistant resin used to make tableware and decorative laminates. During the 1950s and 1960s it was very fashionable thanks to the English product designer Albert Henry Woodfull, who in 1948 visited the United States researching melamine, and after corroborating its properties, bet on the development of products with it, threatening the market for ceramic tableware. Today, it has lost none of its validity and is still an excellent alternative for any kind of table.

Melamine is excellent for all kinds of dishes (such as soup plates, side dishes and dessert plates), cups (teacups, coffee cups), sauces, bowls, and so on. The use of all these tools has many advantages, first of all, it is very resistant and durable against shocks and constant wear and tear (in contrast to delicate materials such as ceramic) so that you do not have to worry about any kind of cracks where food pieces can be inserted, impossible to remove; secondly, the melamine utensils have a lustrous, polished and beautiful finish that is reminiscent of porcelain (even the melamine pieces with oriental images and styles are so beautiful and lustrous that they have nothing to envy of Chinese porcelain plates and cups); this type of crockery does not require much maintenance, as you can easily wash it in the sink; and last but not least, you can get melamine crockery in almost any color, so you can make fun and contrasting color combinations between flat dishes, soup plates, saucepans and bowls or anything else you can think about, in order to bring your table to life.
Melamine tableware pattern

All these characteristics make this type of crockery very versatile, as it can serve all kinds of drinks and food, and can use without problems in outdoor restaurants, dining rooms, bars, cafeterias, catering services, even in your own home! If you like to organise events, meetings or parties in your home and don’t know what to use to serve a buffet, or want to try another alternative for your kitchen, you will find these beautiful and resistant utensils very useful.

Finally, if you want a durable, colourful and versatile alternative for any occasion, you can count on the melamine dinnerware, you can get it in any online store without any problem, that’s how widespread it is. There is no doubt that if you choose this option, you will be very satisfied.


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