Melamine Dinnerware Sets

Melamine Dinnerware Sets

You need to know about the Melamine Dinner Set. If you're looking for washable and
unbreakable household utensils, the Melamine Dinnerware Set is your better choice.

Melamine Dinnerware Sets Character

The Melamine is a unique material, which it is lighter and more durable than ceramic.
Due to the Melamine is extremely difficult to break, many families or restaurants use the melamine
dinnerware to avoid continually replacing broken dinnerware. On the other hand, The Melamine tableware
is much more environmental than plastic. In our life, some plastic dinnerware not used the fresh material,
more or less it will be mixed up scrap. However, these Melamine tableware are not like these,
safety used in every day. Whatever the dishwasher safe or food safe.

Melamine Dinnerware Patterns

The Melamine Tableware isn’t just limited to plate or tray, you'll also find the melamine bowls,
melamine cups, melamine mugs, melamine tray, melamine candy box, melamine scoop and others.
Widely used in home, eatery, outdoor for camping.

Price for Melamine Dinnerware set?

We have some range of prices for different grade of Melamine dinnerware. A1, A5 Melamine grade,
and recycled bamboo dinnerware, many of which are very affordable.
Of course, favorable discount melamine dinnerware sets based on the order quantity.
What we need to establish good and long cooperation with our every customer.
Providing the competitive price and high-quality melamine tableware sets are our goal.

Can Melamine dinnerware sets be Recycled?

Melamine cannot be melted for recycling like other plastics. If you need to degradable material,
we have bamboo dinnerware. Made of 45% bamboo, 15% soybean and 35% A5 grade melamine,
this eco-conscious dinnerware is biodegradable. It's the best alternative for childrens tableware.

Melamine Dinner Set

Rectangle Melamine dinner set, these patterns are relatively popular in the international market. The customer could choose our shapes or make the customized design.

Melamine Tableware

11", 15", 17", there are have three sizes of the Melamine tableware. You could purchase unique model or one set of Melanie trays, which packed with color box.

Holiday Dinnerware Sets

Fashionable and beautiful design of the holiday dinnerware sets. It's a popular choice for a variety of commercial settings due to its durable and lightweight construction.

Christmas Dinnerware Sets

Ideal for promotional products on Christmas day, Thanksgiving day or another holiday. We could print Santa Claus, Christmas tree, etc. on the Christmas dinnerware sets.

Melamine Salad Plates

Enjoy your sweet foods, snacks, salad with useful utensils. Recommend the melamine salad plates, eco-friendly, not breakable, easy to clean, also with many different patterns.

Melamine Serving Tray

In shops, cafes, and restaurant, providing the elegant and beautiful melamine serving tray with the customer is a good ideal for your promotion.


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