Kids Dinner Sets

Kids Dinner Sets

Do you want to use the safety and environmental Kids Tableware for your family?
In here, you will know how to choose the childrens dinner set.

Why melamine kids dinnerware?

The Children's dinnerware made from melamine resin by heating and pressing, with its lightweight,
beautiful, heat-resistant, good insulation and other properties, are widely used in fast food industry,
restaurants, children's tableware, etc.

Compare different materials for Childrens dinner set.

Ceramic tableware, accidentally broken, whatever it lacked corners or pieces,
much trouble in cleaning up even hurt your hand.
Melamine dinner sets with durable, sturdy resistance and unbreakable.

Stainless steel cutlery, stainless steel containing metal elements will slowly accumulate
in the human body over time, will inevitably harm to human health.
Kids melamine plates, 100% melamine resin, non-toxic and tasteless, not only look beautiful,
lightweight, but also security is not easy to deformation.

Plastic tableware, containing industrial calcium carbonate, the temperature slightly higher,
the added chemicals and food will dissolve each other, not only harm the human body
but also pollute the environment. These toddler dinner set cannot be recycled secondary production,
molecular structure temperature, will not cause any pollution, ease of using.
We also have more environmental products-bamboo dinnerware, bamboo kids dinnerware,
like bamboo kids plates, bamboo bowls, bamboo travel mug, bamboo trays, it's degradable.

Childrens Dinner Set

5-piece childrens dinner set, includes
a plate, mug, bowl, fork and spoon.
Sold one piece or one set of dinnerware. Biodegradable,
eco-friendly bamboo material.

Bamboo Salad Bowls

Features images of colorful variety animals that kids of all ages will love.
The bamboo salad bowl made from Melamine and bamboo. Could customize your personal bowls.

Bamboo Travel Mug

Made of 100% non toxic melamine and bamboo material, biodegradable, break resistant BPA FREE, serve hot or cold beverage. Ideal for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, Juice, Milk, etc

Reusable Coffee Cup

Easy to Clean and dishwasher safe, compact reusable coffee cup. Comes in wide range of other colors alternative. It is perfect for any eatery, household, cafeteria, school, camping.

Baby Feeding Bowls

High-quality Baby Feeding Bowls,
it's perfect for everyday dining and snacking. Specially designed for toddler, baby dinnerware, very kid friendly, will not chip or crack easily.

Toddler Divided Plates

We use 100% biodegradable material; the Toddler Divided Plates included melamine and bamboo fiber. Durable quality for daily, will not easily break
or crack, perfect for your kids!


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