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The tableware is an essential component for the service of our table, since it that allows us to move, serve and ingest the food. Thus, if we want it to fulfil its role correctly, it must be made with the best materials so that it does not affect the quality and dedication that we have put into food.

There are many materials, but one stands out for its durability, beauty and ease of production: melamine. Melamine is a chemical compound that, when combined with other agents, produces a very resistant resin used to make tableware and decorative laminates. During the 1950s and 1960s it was very fashionable thanks to the English product designer Albert Henry Woodfull, who in 1948 visited the United States researching melamine, and after corroborating its properties, bet on the development of products with it, threatening the market for ceramic tableware. Today, it has lost none of its validity and is still an excellent alternative for any kind of table.

Melamine is excellent for all kinds of dishes (such as soup plates, side dishes and dessert plates), cups (teacups, coffee cups), sauces, bowls, and so on. The use of all these tools has many advantages, first of all, it is very resistant and durable against shocks and constant wear and tear (in contrast to delicate materials such as ceramic) so that you do not have to worry about any kind of cracks where food pieces can be inserted, impossible to remove; secondly, the melamine utensils have a lustrous, polished and beautiful finish that is reminiscent of porcelain (even the melamine pieces with oriental images and styles are so beautiful and lustrous that they have nothing to envy of Chinese porcelain plates and cups); this type of crockery does not require much maintenance, as you can easily wash it in the sink; and last but not least, you can get melamine crockery in almost any color, so you can make fun and contrasting color combinations between flat dishes, soup plates, saucepans and bowls or anything else you can think about, in order to bring your table to life.
Melamine tableware pattern

All these characteristics make this type of crockery very versatile, as it can serve all kinds of drinks and food, and can use without problems in outdoor restaurants, dining rooms, bars, cafeterias, catering services, even in your own home! If you like to organise events, meetings or parties in your home and don’t know what to use to serve a buffet, or want to try another alternative for your kitchen, you will find these beautiful and resistant utensils very useful.

Finally, if you want a durable, colourful and versatile alternative for any occasion, you can count on the melamine dinnerware, you can get it in any online store without any problem, that’s how widespread it is. There is no doubt that if you choose this option, you will be very satisfied.

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